I think this blog has gone as far as it is able to go.  If I thought I was making any real difference to anything by writing it, I would of course continue.  Although we all face huge challenges for the future, I know far too few people who have any kind of true understanding of these and, as much as I am happy to talk about them, I see no further point in it.


Under the title of Food, Life and All That, I have attempted to explore any issues that happen to come into focus for me at any given time.  Disconcertingly, I have found that, whilst the problems continue to mount up, less and less coherent media coverage is given to them, thereby lulling the public into believing that technology is busy fixing it all for us, so there is no real need to worry.  When the major technological fix is nothing more than more-of-the-same, with the Corporatocracy and its sycophantic government representatives hell-bent on finding a way to revive economic growth, which they see as the only viable solution, I know we are never going to solve anything.


So it is time to stop writing about humanity’s descent into self-destruction.  It looks as if it going to happen despite the best efforts of an increasing number of prophets who can see us heading for the long drop.  So it is goodnight and thank you to all my readers, but I will leave you with this thought: if I can find a more effective way of engaging with people, I will do so.

2 Comments on That’s All, Folks!

  1. Hannah says:

    Did you find a more effective way of engaging with people? I’d be very interested to know.

    In the light of the recent Cypriot crisis it seems we may not have long to wait for the disintegration of society as we know it to accelerate….

    • Rob says:

      Yes – the only way of engaging effectively with people is face-to-face. Everything else is just words in the ether . . .

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